“S Price” store by Magazzini Firme chain of Lilla Spa group

“S Price” store by Magazzini Firme chain of Lilla Spa group

It was inaugurated on June 1 on the shores of Garda Lake the new “S Price” store by Magazzini Firme chain of Lilla Spa group.
A concept store of 1200 square meters distributed over 3 floors, inside the famous Palazzo Margherita, the historic building of Salò in the beating/pulsating heart of the city.
Witness of many events that have seen Salò transformed over years, the building is located in the most noble area of ​​the city, in Via San Carlo, representing the perfect combination of tradition and elegance, the real starting point in the design of the new store. Created by the interior designer Camilla Leonardi in collaboration with Brugnotto Shop Interiors and the partner Vetrinistica Studio, Sprice hosts collections for women, men, children and homes, from luxury items to low cost pieces, as in the best tradition of Magazzini Firme.

The concept of the project involves the differentiation of each different shopping area and its personality. A clothing area with a decisively feminine touch, contrasts with a space dedicated to the male universe. A totally green coffee and refreshment area recalls the thick vegetation that surrounds the lake. Finally, a plan dedicated to the passion for home and exclusive furnishings.

Slender elements and soft colors characterize the layout of the store, together with structures that emphasize the verticality of the ground floor accompanying the most prestigious garments with extreme ease and completing them with glass shelves and silver finishes; fabrics in warm tones and textures in ottanio refer to dreamy ceilings.
The interior furnishings accompany the consumer on a journey between the present and the past, where timeless beauty combines with the innate elegance that characterizes every corner of the building.


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